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If more and more tourists choose this destination for their holidays, it is first and foremost to discover Prague. It is known as the city of the bell towers or “the city of a hundred towers”. You can also discover the medieval streets and shops for film location and advertisements. It is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, with many advantages over other European capitals.

appetizer chicken avocado

This recipe is a delicious avocado, panela and chicken salad that you can always enjoy at small or large family meals. You will surprise everyone with the taste and creativity of your dish.


Time for preparation: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Low

Servings: 1

recipe canapés beet pesto

The search for original food is complicated, which is why we have made a selection of the most atypical recipes, so that you can surprise your friends at home with canapés. Whether it is a dish whose design does not go unnoticed or the simplest appearance, all excuses are good to go to the tasting!

More and more restaurants are opting for flavours that seem strange at first sight (especially when it comes to preparing canapés or original salads). And they end up being famous. From a mix of high-salty fruit flavours to a cake that looks like a first course and not a dessert, we tell you all about what’s new. Playing with desserts or appetizers and making them special is the art of making original meals.

King of Eden - new japanese manga

A murderer virus decimates the populations of remote villages. The only survivor of these epidemics, a mysterious archaeologist with extraordinary powers, tries to fight the plague.


New from Ki-oon Editions, King of Eden takes us on a journey to every continent, with a scenario involving several small international terrorist groups in a deadly hunt in which they are both the actors and the prey. The story begins in Spain, where an entire village is razed to the ground by flames and a pile of corpses burnt and disfigured by a mysterious affection piles up. The same scene is repeated in Thai, Chinese and Scottish villages… and governments are moved by these indiscriminate massacres. A witness always seems to be present, apparently immune, but fleeing like an eel.

brookies - food trends

Still can’t decide between picking a cookie or a brownie for dessert? Here’s your dream dessert, brookies! You’ll learn how to make a cookie dough with lots of nuggets and a smooth chocolate brownies dough and then combine the two and cover them with a chocolate frosting! So, are you tempted? Follow Anime-Enigma into this new culinary adventure!

Pho -Vietnamese soup

Pho is a famous Vietnamese broth well flavored and therapeutic, made with roasted bones.

Soup was first recorded in the early 1900s, when Vietnam was a French colony. Some say’ Pho’ comes from the French pot-au-feu, while others think they were Chinese sellers shouting’ meat and noodles’, elongating the word,’ phan’, which sounded like Pho. Ultimately, it is about the depth of the bouillon‘s flavor, adorned with lots of fresh sweets.

Top 10 festivals with exception scenery by Valentin Rialland

Fed up with the overrated atmosphere of Coachella, the plastic pints of the Huma Festival and the shitty weather at Rock en Seine? Read on and discover DJ Valentin Rialland‘s top 10 music festivals with exceptional scenery accross the world.

Amazing trips - spectacular places

Anime-Empire would love to introduce you to our selection of amazing hotels around the world for your trips. So, if you have dreams of travelling but not everywhere, here is our listing of unusual places to stay at.


George Clooney seems to be determined to dive back into the universe of series. After the announcement of Catch-22, he signs this time with Netflix for a mini-series on the Watergate scandal. As a director at first…

The Watergate scandal continues to feed creators’ ideas. George Clooney is now launching a mini-series for Netflix. An update was provided on the information available.

A mini-series in 8 parts

This topic sounds as a strange way with current events. Many American political experts compare the investigation currently targeting Trump’s family and friends with the Watergate. And now Variety magazine announces that George Clooney is going to make a mini-series in 8 episodes for Netflix about the scandal that brought Nixon down .

Accompanied by screenwriter Matt Charman (Le Pont des Espions) and actor Grant Heslov (Monument Men), he will produce the series with Sonar Entertainment. If Netflix has not yet confirmed this project, it seems that each of the 8 episodes focuses on one of the key characters in the case. We should therefore have the right to journalists but also to “Deepthroat”, the code name of Mark Felt, the source of reporters and FBI number 2.

George Clooney in front of and behind the camera?

While George Clooney has just directed Bienvenue à Suburbicon, we already know that he should direct some of the episodes of the series. What is not yet known, however, is whether it will play a role. A few weeks ago, you were told that the star of Emergency would play in a new series with “Catch-22” which he will also direct. Might as well say that he could try again.

Of course, this is not the first adaptation of the Watergate. As a reminder, this is a case of political espionage led by President Nixon and unveiled by two journalists from the Washington Post. This key moment in American political history was brought to the screen with Alan J. Pakula’s The Men of the President in 1976 or, more recently, Oliver Stone’s biography Nixon.




In 2015, as indicated by the manufacturer’s website, we have been celebrating the 80th anniversary of Monopoly. A worldwide success for this game born in 1935 in the imagination of Charles Darrow, an unemployed man of the 1930s, who became a millionaire thanks to his invention. A beautiful story. But there is only one flaw: it is fake!

In a recent book, American journalist Mary Pilon tells us the true origins of a game born out of a woman’s political will, Lizzie Magie, to bring to the greatest number the progressive ideas of American intellectual Henry George and his masterpiece Progress and Poverty (1879). At the beginning of the 20th century, she invented its Landlord’s Game with her land purchases, taxes on the rich and her denunciation of monopolies. She obtained a patent in January 1904 and began its commercialization. This was followed by an incredible story: played in the utopian community of Arden in Delaware, which made its own sets and started to call it Monopoly. The quakers of Atlantic City changed the rules and, from hand to hand, the game moved on to Philadelphia, where a couple taugh it to their friends, the Darrows…

Original defect

Charles asked a cartoonist to make him a nice tray, then he started selling the game. One of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, Parker Brothers, bought it from him. In December 1935, the company quickly obtained a patent and bought his own from Lizzie Magie for 500 dollars. Parker Brothers knew the true origin of the game…
Sales were then skyrocketing. In the United States, then all over the world. Charles Darrow was always ready to give interviews to explain how he invented “his” game. In the 1960s, a few witnesses to the true story began to mobilize, but nothing really happened. Until 1974, when Parker Brothers made a huge mistake.

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