Giving egg yolk for the babies; the pros and cons

Egg yolk

At the age of 6 months, the baby is ready to consume other foods. From this precise moment, most of parents begin to worry about the appropriate food to give them daily. Because this age is still delicate for the baby, they can be sensitive and fragile. As a consequence, their food should be selected thoroughly. Among the perfect food to give baby at that age, you should include the egg yolk which is full with benefic nutrients for the physical growth and brain building.

Why introduce egg yolk at that moment?

At 6 month, the baby still needs some nutrients that are essential for his growth. And egg, especially egg yolk is one of the developing foods that are vital for the brain growth of the baby. Normally, egg yolks are very rich in choline. It also gathers good cholesterol, iron andsulphurwith amino acids.

After, notice that your decision to feed your toddler with egg yolk, especially if it comes from pasture-fed hens not from egg product, you give it  a product that is full of in fatty-acid, an essential nutrient  that is also present in mother’s milk.

For that, you shouldn’t be amazed if your toddler will speak and take directions at an early age. He reason is that it has gathered the goo nutrients on time. But at that age, it is not yet safe to give them the whites because this is an egg’s part that tends to be more difficult to digest. Once the toddler will grow, you can gradually give it some parts of the whites.

Preparing the egg for the toddler

As a reminder, make sure that the baby-s food should be prepared with great caution and cleanliness. So before you start everything, clean up the place and pasteurize all the utensils that you will use.

After, you should control the quality of the product that you are about to give to your baby. For that, you can select them by yourself to make sure that you have bought the freshest and the best from the market.

As far as the eggs are concerned, make sure to know how to trace their provenance. In fact, you should be sure that they come from healthy chickens that have ideally been fed with natural diet  and grown from a biological farm.

Now, it’s time to prepare the egg yolk for the toddler. Begin by boiling the water. Put your egg in the water and let it stir for about 4 and an quarter minutes. After, take the egg out and put it immediately in cold water to stop the cooking process. 

Now, we can peel it and take out the yolk. This food can be given directly to the baby. But if you want, you can mix it with its porridge. If you decide to put it into its porridge, make sure to mix all the ingredients well.

What alternatives for the egg yolk

If you give egg yolk to the baby, you nourish it with food that gathers a high source of protein that is essential for its normal growth. So, if you don’t want to give it some egg or if it doesn’t appreciate its taste yet, you can pick up other source of protein for its daily food. In fact, apart from the cereals, the fruits, the potatoes and the milk that should be given to the baby at an early age, you should give it some protein to eat.

You can, for example, mix some beef meat with its porridge. You just have to make sure to avoid the fatty meats. Otherwise, you can give it some fresh fish.


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egg yolk

The egg is an important component that is generally seen in many cosmetic products. In order to have healthy skin, the use of the yolk has been recommended for centuries. Great ally for beauty and skin care, the egg yolk powder remains in many ways advantageous.

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Powdered eggs are products that bring up huge revolution in today’s kitchen. Apart from its
economic benefit and its storage ease, powdered eggs also suggests good taste and excellent flavor.
Here are some recipes to show you how exceptional this ingredient could be in every days’ cooking.

What are powdered eggs?

As you can see in Igreca, free range egg, powdered eggs are dry eggs. Dried eggs are sold by all the
major food storage companies like Igreca that sell packaged meals convenient for camping, hiking,
hunting, and the like.

There are whole egg powder which are whole eggs that have been dehydrated. But there are also
freeze-dried eggs. Powdered eggs presents the same consistency and texture of powdered milk. You
can buy whole powdered eggs, but can also pick up just the yolks or just the whites. There are also
another form with an already scrambles in powdered form. In fact, dried scrambled eggs were the
only dried egg product that contained numerous additives, such as bacon, ham, or dehydrated
peppers. But there are also some which includes preservatives, flavorings or artificial coloring.
Cooking powdered eggs are easy as you just have to add up some water and the other ingredients
such as spices and herbs that toy want to the powder before frying it. Otherwise, to optimize their
storage, you can purchase powdered eggs in pouch size or with cans wich gather approximately 94

How to use powdered eggs in your recipe?

Advantageous both for everyday cooking and long-term food storage, dehydrate and freeze-dried
foods like powdered eggs seem to be the easiest foods around. Even it may seem evident, using
powdered eggs requires fundamental knowledge on the subject. In most cases, equal parts water
and dried egg powder will equal one egg.

Swedish pancakes, to use powdered eggs in breakfast food

For that recipe, you need powdered eggs, water, powdered milk, warm water, melted butter
flavored shortening or oil, sugar, salt and whole weat flour. About the quantity, make sure to have
the same amount of powder except for the sugar which can be added according to everyone’s

Before cooking the pancakes, you should put water and powdered egg mix in a recipient. Whisk them
carefully until you get a well-blended mixture. After, add dry milk, warm water, melted
butter/oil/butter, sugar and salt. Mix them well and add the flour. You should whisk the whole until
you get a smooth batter. Let the batter sit for 5 minutes before continuing mixing.
For the cooking, you juste have to add 1 teaspoon of shortening butter or oil in a hot pan. After, you
pour ½ cup of batter into the middle of you pan. Make sure to waste the battle or to fill about 8 inch
circle on the pan in tilting it or in griddling it to form a circle. You can cook on the two sides of the
battle until the sets and the edges begin to brown. You can add syrup or other toppings when you
serve it.

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