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recommended Restaurants in Marrakech

The cuisine and culinary art are the gastronomic identity that reflects the savoir-vivre of each nation. Moroccan cuisine is no longer to be presented, Pastilla, Tajine or Moroccan Couscous are very popular in every corner of the planet.

Actually, using powdered egg becomes more famous. Due to its different benefits, many people used to buying it regularly, even if it can be stored up to one year. In order to eventually propose the best for the consumers, many brands offers different variety of whole egg powder. The price and the quality generally depend on the weight, the brand and the seller of the package.

Tourist office

Very useful for both the tourists and the local people, a Tourist Office is generally present in every touristic region or locality. In itself, it is a whole organization. What is its main role?

egg yolk

The egg is an important component that is generally seen in many cosmetic products. In order to have healthy skin, the use of the yolk has been recommended for centuries. Great ally for beauty and skin care, the egg yolk powder remains in many ways advantageous.

animal feed supplements

As it is universally known, contemporary modern society rely very much on feed additives. Along with the provision of the feed additives, the food items can bring taste to the feed. And actually, the number of additives that are produced and applied in the market increases with the developing desire for meat.


Powdered eggs are products that bring up huge revolution in today’s kitchen. Apart from its
economic benefit and its storage ease, powdered eggs also suggests good taste and excellent flavor.
Here are some recipes to show you how exceptional this ingredient could be in every days’ cooking.

What are powdered eggs?

As you can see in Igreca, free range egg, powdered eggs are dry eggs. Dried eggs are sold by all the
major food storage companies like Igreca that sell packaged meals convenient for camping, hiking,
hunting, and the like.

There are whole egg powder which are whole eggs that have been dehydrated. But there are also
freeze-dried eggs. Powdered eggs presents the same consistency and texture of powdered milk. You
can buy whole powdered eggs, but can also pick up just the yolks or just the whites. There are also
another form with an already scrambles in powdered form. In fact, dried scrambled eggs were the
only dried egg product that contained numerous additives, such as bacon, ham, or dehydrated
peppers. But there are also some which includes preservatives, flavorings or artificial coloring.
Cooking powdered eggs are easy as you just have to add up some water and the other ingredients
such as spices and herbs that toy want to the powder before frying it. Otherwise, to optimize their
storage, you can purchase powdered eggs in pouch size or with cans wich gather approximately 94

How to use powdered eggs in your recipe?

Advantageous both for everyday cooking and long-term food storage, dehydrate and freeze-dried
foods like powdered eggs seem to be the easiest foods around. Even it may seem evident, using
powdered eggs requires fundamental knowledge on the subject. In most cases, equal parts water
and dried egg powder will equal one egg.

Swedish pancakes, to use powdered eggs in breakfast food

For that recipe, you need powdered eggs, water, powdered milk, warm water, melted butter
flavored shortening or oil, sugar, salt and whole weat flour. About the quantity, make sure to have
the same amount of powder except for the sugar which can be added according to everyone’s

Before cooking the pancakes, you should put water and powdered egg mix in a recipient. Whisk them
carefully until you get a well-blended mixture. After, add dry milk, warm water, melted
butter/oil/butter, sugar and salt. Mix them well and add the flour. You should whisk the whole until
you get a smooth batter. Let the batter sit for 5 minutes before continuing mixing.
For the cooking, you juste have to add 1 teaspoon of shortening butter or oil in a hot pan. After, you
pour ½ cup of batter into the middle of you pan. Make sure to waste the battle or to fill about 8 inch
circle on the pan in tilting it or in griddling it to form a circle. You can cook on the two sides of the
battle until the sets and the edges begin to brown. You can add syrup or other toppings when you
serve it.

Riding a bike

When planning their holidays in the Loire Valley, some tourists are looking for solutions to mix visiting the destinations they have chosen and practice their favourite sport. Those who love riding the bike can rent one or come with their own bike. In the Northwest of France, there are several cycle paths that have been created especially for tourists who want to explore the region and admire the most authentical landscapes of the Loire Valley.

Natural additives to reduce the carbon footprint of livestock farms

Generally known as carbon dioxide, carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by a specific human activity. Eventually, resulting from the actions of an individual, a family, an event, an organization or an entire action, a carbon footprint is measured as tons of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide or other greenhouse gases emitted per year. As it is now proved that natural additives enable responsible farm management to maintain the good health of farm animals and to reduce their impact on the environment and public health, natural additives ‘projection to feed farm animals is a big deal to reduce the carbon footprint of livestock farms.

Candles are pretty items that light up the whole space with a romantic touch. However, you do not need candles every day. That’s why you have to buy them before the particular event, and then store them after the use.

Developed with world-class comfort in mind, hotels in Jaipur are the luxurious shelter by the amazing views where a person can genuinely experience the spirit of Palace living. Staying in such luxurious hotels is perhaps the best idea to enjoy your vacation to the fullest because luxurious hotels are a perfect place to taste the sense of peace and privacy that you always dream on a holiday.

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