How to surprise your guests with this recipe of canapés

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The search for original food is complicated, which is why we have made a selection of the most atypical recipes, so that you can surprise your friends at home with canapés. Whether it is a dish whose design does not go unnoticed or the simplest appearance, all excuses are good to go to the tasting!

More and more restaurants are opting for flavours that seem strange at first sight (especially when it comes to preparing canapés or original salads). And they end up being famous. From a mix of high-salty fruit flavours to a cake that looks like a first course and not a dessert, we tell you all about what’s new. Playing with desserts or appetizers and making them special is the art of making original meals.

Ingredients for 2 people


  • cheese (“one piece”)
  • red beet ( 100 gr.)
  • pistachios ( 20 gr.)
  • garlic (half a clove)
  • lemon (“medium”)
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pistachios (for garnish)
  • toast ( or toast sofa)





These canapés with cheese and beet pesto are a great idea, delicious and very original for aperitifs with friends. It can be used as a snack for a casual dinner, or as an aperitif at a festive meal….whatever the occasion is, it is an excellent idea that will give your table a touch of style and color. And very easy to do!


Step 1

To make these cheese canapés with beet pesto, the first thing we have to do is beet pesto. To do this, cut the beets into pieces and place them in the blender glass. The simplest and most practical way is to work with cooked beets, which are sold packed, ready to be prepared in salads or other…. but, of course, you can buy it fresh if you wish and cook it at home. In this case, bring a lot of water to boil in a saucepan and leave the unpeeled beets until they are completely soft.


Step 2

Peel the pistachios and remove as much as possible the outer skin that covers them. Add it to a glass of blender with beets.


Step 3

Peel garlic and cut in half. He removes the germ, which is responsible for making it indigestible to certain people. Once this is done, cut it into several pieces and place it in the blender glass.


Step 4

Press lemon onto remaining ingredients, taking care not to drop seeds. Finally, add salt.


Step 5

Start crushing and as you go, add extra virgin olive oil until you obtain the desired texture.


Step 6

Cut cheese into small triangles or slices.



To make these beet pesto cheese canapés. Spread a good amount of beet pesto over a few toasts or canapés cookies. Put pine nuts on top and finish with cheese. If you wish, you can decorate your canapés with a few tender sprouts or with aromatic herb leaves such as apricot.



In this case, these canapés only have the split cheese we put on them. If you take it apart, you can add a little Parmesan cheese to the beet pesto. It will have more cheese flavour and a delicious touch.


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