Nothing Savours the Adventure in You like Excursions from Marrakech in One of the Best Morocco Desert Tours Ever

Morocco desert tours are fast becoming a trend for holidaymakers across Europe and the Americas. Bored with lazing around on the sunny Costas, tired of strolling around the tourist crowded streets of Rome or Paris and in search of something less typical of a traditional holiday, we found the idea of a quad bike excursion or a camel ride ticking all those boxes. Moreover, we should not be surprised to learn that a quad bike experience can set the adventurous side of us on fire; and it’s not every holiday destination where you can simply hop up on a camel and stroll slowly and majestically across sand dunes in Saharan heat.

Nothing Beats the Experience of a Camel Ride

When you embark on a desert tour Marrakech to Fes, there is plenty of opportunities along the way to experience a camel ride. A Marrakech camel ride involves a journey on the city’s edge where you won’t have to go right out into the deep Sahara.

You will see the traditional way of life witnessed in the villages of the Berber people. The beautiful palm groves surrounding Marrakech will leave you breathless as the camel gently takes you on a journey to savour. The camel ride often takes around one hour and can be completed with a refreshing stop for some tea in many of the excursions.

Also, camel ride excursions can include a pick-up service from your hotel in Marrakech. The journey you will take on a camel is gentle, slow and allows you to experience the entire beauty of the palm groves – something you would likely miss if travelling in a vehicle. All camel ride operators are fluent in English, French and Arabic.


The White-Knuckle Experience of a Quad Bike Excursion

Quad biking Marrakech excursions are the adrenaline junkie’s pathway to an ultimate experience. The most popular region for quad biking is on the outskirts of Fes. The excursions often feature as part of the itinerary when embarking on a desert tour Marrakech to Fes. It is the moment when you get to experience the magic and thrill of a Morocco desert up close and personal.

Most of the quad biking Marrakech excursions take place in the surrounding region of the Red City. The bikes are high performance and food and water is often included as standard at some point during a full day on the four-wheeled beasts of the desert.

You will marvel at the rocky, golden brown terrain; feel empowered as you speed through the warm desert winds and become thrilled and a little scared as you leap over a small hump in the track.

Each time you go out and experience the quad biking adventure, the organisers will make sure you are well versed in the safety aspects of your high-powered vehicle. You will be provided with a pair of protective goggles (essential to keep out the dust from the eyes), a hood, helmet and even a rain mac for those rare moments when a shower comes. The guide will accompany you throughout the entire day, and will understand that each participant has a different skill level when riding aboard a quad bike.

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