Suriname: Discover the diversity of this unknown country

Suriname discover diversity country

Suriname is a South American country bordered by Brazil, Guyana and French Guyana, its coasts touch the Caribbean Sea and its capital, Paramaribo, was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its colonial style. It’s not the most touristy country in South America, but we can give you eight reasons to visit it. Want to hear them?

1. Flee from the crowds


Suriname is the least populous country in South America and therefore the ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the crowds and the stressful and hectic movement of large metropolises. It is not a very touristy country, so travelling to Suriname and getting to know its capital means getting in direct contact with all its people.


2. Culture and tolerance


In the capital it is possible to see together a Hindu temple, a synagogue and the largest mosque in Latin America. In a country where Dutch, English, Portuguese, Chinese, French and also Spanish are spoken, religions can be neighbours without problems, isn’t it nice and interesting to get to know different cultures, religions and languages within the same city, a good example of multiculturalism!


3. Nature


In addition to its dream beaches, its nature reserves are a real paradise. The nature reserve of Central Suriname has been a World Heritage Site since 2000 and its 1,600,000 hectares are home to native animals such as jaguars, armadillos and giant otters. And the Brownsberg nature reserve, also very famous, is home to many species of birds, monkeys and countless other animals. It also has impressive waterfalls.


4. A varied and delicious gastronomy


A country as multicultural as Suriname could never have a poor gastronomy. Its rich dishes combine aspects of Creole and Oriental cuisine, a real treat for the palate!


If these four reasons have convinced you and you are already looking for your plane tickets to Suriname, you should know that the best time to go there, considering the weather, is during the fall. Go for a walk in the natural parks but protect yourself against mosquitoes, use some repellent cream and wear long, light clothes. Credit cards are accepted in very few places, it is better that you have cash. When you choose your dates, find out in advance if there is a party. Because it’s such a multicultural country, you’ll probably coincide with a celebration. Enjoy it!

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