Choosing The Right Mode Of Transport In Belgium

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The Red Devils’ championship hopes has unfortunately come to an end for this year’s FIFA World Cup and the fact that they actually made it all the way to the semi-finals should be a good enough reason to ask yourself, what is Belgium like? In a few words, Belgium isn’t as glamorous as many other European countries, but is also as exciting and beautiful as you’ll find yourself gobbling down waffles and chocolate as soon as you make your way to the capital, Brussels.


Most international flights to Belgium land at Brussels International Airport. What many travelers don’t take in to account is the transfer from the Brussels airport. There are many options to choose from after exiting the airport terminal. From taxis, to shuttles, to metros and buses and of course, taxis. However, this process shouldn’t cause headaches, especially if you had done research about the fees beforehand. A research is important so when you hop into a cab, you won’t be surprised with the fees.


Belgium’s transportation services are relatively smooth and cheap. You might actually be better off taking the bus or metro once you get the information you need. There are many alternatives however. In fact, there are people who like to do a little bit more than the usual and hire something more private. Such as private cars with chauffeurs. More often, people on a business trip are the ones who tend to choose such options. Given, they do not just hire a taxi cab. However, you don’t have to be on a business trip to book a private hire. As a matter of fact you can find cheap car hires in Brussels that can be adapted to your needs. Most touristic sites in Brussels are accessible by foot, so walking to your destinations is not a bad idea at all. Plus walking is good for you! And after a long day of walking, you can just treat yourself for some fries and beer or waffles and chocolate or all of them together.

Traveling Elsewhere

Belgium is not just about Brussels, it has more beautiful cities to visit. Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges are the most popular among many others. As mentioned earlier, public transportation is the most common method of traveling in Belgium. However, you can make a case that it is sometimes better to travel in private when going to another city. Especially on the road. Renting a car could be ideal, as you get to experience new unknown roads and have the chance to do whatever you like, and go wherever you like whenever you want. However, none of these are possible without research beforehand. So if you’re unsure about where you are going, try to get a map or a pocket guide that will aid you during your journey or if you really don’t want to worry, then hiring a car hire  at could be just what you need.

Going Home

After experiencing Belgium in all of its colors, it might be time for you to finally go back home. As you now have an idea of the ideal mode of transport, finding the suitable airport transfer method should be straightforward. There are people who, after a holiday abroad, come back with 2 new suitcases packed with souvenirs. So your decision should be based on how much luggage you carry. If the number remains the same as when you arrived, then the method for your transfer to the airport doesn’t have to change. If you managed to acquire more suitcases though, then you should reconsider your options. All in all, transportation can sometimes alter the course of your holidays, but shouldn’t change it at all.

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