Some useful apps to learn music by Vincent Martet

Are you a music lover and own a smartphone? Would you like to learn to sing or to play an instrument? Today, Vincent Martet invites you to discover some mobile applications to help you in your learning.

The musical ear, according to Vincent Martet

Vincent Martet explains how to train your musical ear
Vincent Martet explains how to train your musical ear

Do you want to improve your musical sense with a better hearing? Vincent Martet invites you to discover the Perfect Ear application, free of charge, which enables you to train your hearing for a better musical sense.

Through this app, you will find several interesting features: interval learning (which reminds us of the rhythm that Vincent Martet will talk about later in this article), absolute ear training, chord decoding, introduction to scales… in short, a complete application for any music lover.

Become familiar with the rhythm

The Tempo app
The Tempo app

Before you start playing music, it is highly advised to get familiarized with the sense of rhythm, according to Vincent Martet. That’s why the Tempo application, a mobile metronome application, is a good exercise to begin.
However, you should know that the app is not available for free (2.99€) but is not that expensive given its quality. With a refined graphical interface and many features, you can easily find a very good price-quality ratio, Vincent Martet reminds us.

The instruments

For budding guitarists

Various apps to learn several instruments, Vincent Martet's recommandations
Various apps to learn several instruments, Vincent Martet’s recommandations

To be able to read a tablature for example, it helps a lot to know the chords. Amazing fact: some musicians can read chords only! To gradually get used to reading and understanding them, Gchord is the ultimate mobile application. It lists hundreds of chords but don’t worry, you won’t have to learn them all! An interesting little feature, says Vincent Martet: the “left-handed” option is even available.

The app is available in four versions, several of which are free. With it you can either start or get back to the musical instrument. Thus, the app is therefore in a way multifunctional and is aimed at beginners as well as advanced people who have not practiced for a long time.

The ukulele

A kind of “mini-guitar”, the ukulele has a more “summer” or even festive side than the guitar. Since it is smaller than the usual guitar, one would tend to believe that its learning is simpler, but this is not necessarily true.
That’s why Vincent Martet recommends the mobile music application The Ukulele App which, as its name suggests, is dedicated to this musical instrument. You will find the dictionary of chords, several tutorials… two versions are available, the free one and the paying one which is thus more complete.

For pianists, Vincent Martet’s advice

To get you on the piano, there’s nothing like Perfect Piano. You can with this app turn your smartphone into a real mini-piano,” says Vincent Martet, so imagine with a touch pad, even ! Moreover, many modes are available on the app such as learning, multiplayer, external mini USB keyboard, piano widget… which are really appreciated !


Apps to help you learn singing
Apps to help you learn singing

Singing involves many elements such as breath, accuracy, posture… so it is important to find the best musical application to ensure you do not break your voice or sing false notes. Swiftscales, advised by Vincent Martet, is a true virtual vocal coach. The application is intended for both beginners and professionals and offers customizable sessions.
For example, you can benefit from breathing exercises to learn how to manage your breath and pick it up between several singing phrases, for example,says Vincent Martet.

All these applications are available on Android and iOs. So, whether you use one or the other of these operating systems, you can download and start getting into music with these applications!

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