The five “B’s” of visiting the Bahamas

Travel in Bahamas

Is this your first time visiting the Bahamas, so you are in desperate need for some travel tips? The Bahamas are 700+ beautiful islands, located in the Caribbean. Below are some tips to help you experience your first travel to the Bahamas, the right way!

Tip #1: Be Sure to Leave All Your Fears at Home

This Caribbean holiday will be a time of taking risks. There will not be time for you to have any sort of fear, to live all sorts of adventures. The very first activity that you should dive into is, exploring Atlantis, which is a lost sea, containing 250 marine species and 50,000 other aquatic animals. These animals include eels, sharks, manta rays, jellyfish, and other sea creatures of the sea. Not only will you get to observe them, you will also get to swim with them as you snorkel.

Going on high speed powerboat adventures, feeding all sorts of animals such as sharks and iguanas, surfing, and going on informative safaris, you will surely prove that you are a risk taker.

Tip #2: Book a Holiday Rental

Even though you want to leave all your fears at home during this trip, you will surely want to feel like you are at home, especially since it will be your first time to the Bahamas. By booking vacation rentals, you will have access to a bigger and more private space. You will also feel like your holiday rental is your own residence. But essentially, you will avoid all sorts of busyness and live in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tip #3: Be Willing to Try Local Cuisine

To experience a real Bahamas Trip, you will have to wake up those taste buds and relish the variety of specialties that they have to offer. Bahamian cuisine entails seafood comprising of conch, fish, lobster, crab, as well as other kinds of food like pigeon peas, tropical fruits, and potatoes. Conch salad, johnnycakes, and pigeon peas with rice, are all dishes that you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Tip #4: Brighten a Bahamian’s Day

Bahamians are very friendly and open people and they would love to show you around their beautiful islands. You can brighten their day by learning a few Bahamian creole words, to make conversation with them. Here are some ways you can start conversing:

What’s up? = What da wybe is?
Nothing much = Een nothin’
Thanks = Tanks
You’re kidding = Well mudda sick

Tip #5: Bring Your Party Hat!

Year-round, there are many fun events that take place in the Bahamas that will definitely entertain you. Since it is always warm and tropical, most of these events take place outdoors. The Junkanoo Summer Festival and the Junkanoo Street Carnival are both events that highlight Bahamian culture and heritage. During these events, there will be a parade, some dancing, eating, drinking, and many memorable experiences.

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