The 5 best beaches of Los Angeles

Los Angeles

A summer in LA is one at the beach. Every year, its shores welcome people from the US and around the world. Beautiful waters, delicious food and excellent bars await visitors of the western American seaside. If you plan to spend your summer there, here are the best shorelines spots.

Oxnard, the hot beach town

The weather in Los Angeles can be very hot in summer. It is however possible to escape the oppressive heat. For instance, going to the northern shoreline of Oxnard. The temperature in this beach town is at least 15 degrees cooler than anywhere else. It is so fresh that you might want to want to rent a room or find a rental vacation home for the weekend. Besides, you can do water sports such as jet ski and go for a trip in the Channel Islands from there.

Dockweiler, the bonfire parties’ venue

Set at the end of the runways of LAX, Dockweiler is a beach where planes fly overhead. It is not dangerous; the situation is even amusing. Located in South Bay, this shoreline is for a family holiday. Outfitted with several amenities, volleyball courts, bike path and picnic areas, Dockweiler is an all-inclusive place and is the perfect spot for a day at the beach. At night, it becomes the location of bonfire parties. The beach is indeed a few of the site where it is allowed to light a fire and is even equipped with fire rings.

Zuma, a surfing site in Malibu

One the biggest beaches of Los Angeles, Zuma is also a premier surfing destination. A drive away from Will Rogers and Surfrider shorelines, this Malibu beach is a weekend destination for locals but a holiday one for outsiders. It is a nice surfing site and a very lively coastline but is also a place for pleasant hikes and rock climbing. Head towards Point Dume for that. The view from this gigantic bluff is magnificent.

Santa Monica, the tourist haven

The beach of Santa Monica is definitely the most touristy of Los Angeles. Running the length of the city of Santa Monica, it is usually packed. However, one can still have a good time on this festive shoreline. The sand is nice and clean, and the view is marvellous. You have quite a sight of the Santa Monica Mountains. The true fun of this coastline however happens at the Santa Monica Pier. The crowd gather there for the food stands and carnival rides – a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel.

Rosie’s Dog Beach, for the doggo lovers

This beach is the only legal off-leash dog one in Los Angeles. If you think of taking your beloved pet on vacation with you or just want to play with some by the sea, this shoreline then made for you. Located in Long Beach, in the Belmont shore area, Rosie’s Dog Beach is also the host of many canine events. Most of them are spread through Facebook. FYI, the beach is named after an English bulldog, the local canine celebrity. Also, parking at Rosie’s is $1 per hour.

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