Why should you offer flowers?

All men ask themselves this question at least once: what is all about these flowers? Okay, we’ll try to convince you that it’s useful to offer flowers!

How to offer flowers ?

As a 21st century man, offering flowers is always a duty, but above all a very beautiful attention. However, we don’t offer flowers like we offer a mojito in a night club! Let’s take some time to remember good manners so we don’t look like a jerk!

  • If you choose to send beautiful flowers to France, a small note should always accompany the flowers delivered. The word must be written by the florist and dictated by the sender.
  • Be careful with the meaning of the flowers. For example, slipping a red rose into a bouquet is a declaration of love.
  • Receiving flowers is a woman’s privilege. Indeed, flowers are only given to a woman or a young girl. The only exception is that flowers can be given to a very old gentleman.
  • Make sure you always have an odd number of flowers in your bouquet.
  • If you live in the countryside, you can bring flowers from your garden.

Why to offer flowers ?

1- It makes her happy.

Offering flowers has strong impact on women. They may say “you shouldn’t have”… But try to take it back! It is at your own risk.

On the other hand, you are sure to score points! You will receive in return all the positive effects that a bouquet of flowers causes. The humans likes to be surprised, it stirs oneself up, it brings happiness…

It’s up to you to choose the best time to surprise her!

2- It makes you sexy.

Since the dawn of time, offering flowers is a man’s thing, a real thing.

In other words, it will be difficult to bypass a practice that has been in place for centuries!

And yes, you may not know it, but giving flowers makes you sexy.

It is proven : a woman is more open to discussion if you arrive with your hands full… of flowers. After that, it’s up to you to make it happen!

3- It makes you a gentleman.

Another truth: you will make the “decision-making power” jealous. You know, the cohort of “girlfriends” who psychoanalyze your every move. Be aware that women are very good at influencing each other. The person to whom you offer flowers will then realize how lucky she is to know you and will brag about it! Then you will be in her eyes a perfect gentleman.

4- Every occasion is good.

Flowers have kept the monopoly of the simple but always pleasing gift. And yes, gift boxes and other boxes can go back where they came from!

Flowers are the ultimate weapons of seduction. But not just that! Family or close friends rarely say no to a bouquet. And there are many opportunities: celebrations, birthdays, milestones or thanks, you have a wide range of choices.

Still not convinced?

Seriously, who doesn’t like flowers? In addition to giving pleasure, you will obtain the eternal gratitude of the person to whom you offer them.

Remember: the best occasion to offer flowers is when there are none!

Do you love her? That’s probably the best reason. Men are not just heartless louts, so let’s prove it!

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