How can you preserve your candles in candle boxes?

Candles are pretty items that light up the whole space with a romantic touch. However, you do not need candles every day. That’s why you have to buy them before the particular event, and then store them after the use.

Obviously, you need candle boxes to store them effectively. You can get them from any packaging supplier. But you need to be cautious about selecting custom candle boxes because there is a lot of variety available. And you need to select the best one for preserving your candles.fa

In this post, we will show you how can you preserve your candles, and why printed candle boxes are suitable for this purpose. So, you must keep reading further. It will educate you as well as amuse you.

Qualities of candle boxes

There are undeniable qualities that compel a person to use these boxes. We will describe all in detail. So, keep reading.


These boxes are durable. If you put them in place, then you can expect them to remain the same for a long time. That’s why if you place your candles in them, then your candles will have a protective layer that will support them for a long time. Moreover, these boxes do not wither or deform due to time.

If you have candles to store, then use them without any doubt. Your candles will remain safe in them.


These boxes are lightweight. That’s why you never have to do the heavy lifting. If you buy them in bulk, then you never have to worry about carrying them because it will be a light package. Moreover, if you want to ship your candles in them, then your overall weight will not be much to increase the cost of shipping.

Low cost

These boxes are not expensive. You can buy them at a reasonable cost. That’s why your cost of packaging candles will not be much. You can package many candles in one box at a few dollar’s costs.


After the use, these boxes do not harm nature and degrade themselves naturally. That’s why you can throw them in the trash without harming nature.

Protection from environmental variants

There are many factors that affect the quality of candles, such as temperature, moisture, and air. These boxes protect candles from these variants. That’s your candles will remain safe in these boxes.

How to preserve candles in candle boxes?

We will describe all procedure to preserve your candles. So, you must keep reading further.

Go to a packaging store

You need to find a packaging supplier in your area. So, find a packaging store and pay for a visit. If you do not find one, then you can order your boxes online.

Ask for candle boxes

You must ask the manager for candle packaging. The manager will show you the inventory. There will be many shapes and designs. So, you must explore them all. It is recommended to get a suitable box for your candles.

Select boxes according to your need

Your candles have specific sizes and shapes. So, you must choose the right box for them. If you do not find it in the inventory, then you can ask the supplier to produce special packaging for you. It will be no problem for them.

Bring boxes back to your home

After purchasing boxes, you must bring them back to your home or where your candles are. These boxes will be in a folded position, and you have to unfold them before the use.

Take scrap paper and roll it over candles

You need scrap paper to secure your candles from moisture. So, bring a roll of scrap paper from the market and roll each candle with it. This act will preserve your candles for a long time. If you are planning to store your candles for a year, then it will guarantee you the best quality after one year.

Put your candles in these boxes

Now, you need to put your candles in these boxes. For that, you must take candles in four pieces and put them in the box. When one box is filled, then you must take another box until your candles are finished.

Close the lid of every box

Now, you must close the lid of every box. Make sure that no candle is obstructing the lid. If so, then rearrange the candle to fit in the box.

Use tape to close the lid perfectly

Now, you must use tape to perfectly close the lid. This way, your candles will not come out while transporting them.

Use tap on all corners of the box

You must use tape on all corners of the box. It will stop all the air from entering the box. This way, you will secure the quality of candles for a long time. It’s because you will stop all air from entering the box that will ensure the quality for a long time.

Put these boxes in a dry place

After taping these boxes, you must store them in a dry place. If your storage place has moisture, then it will affect these boxes. It’s because these boxes lose quality due to excessive moisture. Therefore, your candles will also be affected.

How long can you preserve candles in these boxes?

If you are planning to store your candles for a year or two, then these boxes will guarantee you the safety. But after that period, you need to repackage them because these boxes lose quality after two years. If you want to store your candles for more than two years, then you must use hard-wood boxes. This way, you can preserve your candles for years. Moreover, you can also use metallic boxes. But it will be an expensive decision.

Wrap up

We have described the way to preserve your candles in printed candle boxes. Now, you can follow the method and preserve your candles effectively. It will not cost you much. But you will preserve your candles. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

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