Riding a bike in the Loire Valley, another way to visit the castles

Riding a bike

When planning their holidays in the Loire Valley, some tourists are looking for solutions to mix visiting the destinations they have chosen and practice their favourite sport. Those who love riding the bike can rent one or come with their own bike. In the Northwest of France, there are several cycle paths that have been created especially for tourists who want to explore the region and admire the most authentical landscapes of the Loire Valley.

Preparing a trip in Pays d’Ancenis in the Loire Valley

Travelling in Pays d’Ancenis and the Loire Valley by bike can be one of the best options to see the most beautiful landscapes along the Loire, admire the sunset and listen to the birds. You will be able to enjoy your holiday and practise a sport. Traveling by bike will give you the freedom to stop in any place you enjoy on the way and spend some more time if you need. You can also choose different types of accommodation, such as a hotel room, a camping or a gust house. And you won’t have to get up very early in the morning if you wish so.

A Loire castle weekend is a good option if you want to spend some days with your friends, riding the bike and doing cultural activities. Depending on the season, you can also participate to a concert or a festival in Pays d’Ancenis. And of course, you can prepare your entire stay and check the cycle paths using a mobile application.

Some other attractions around the Loire castles

If you decided to spend some days off with your family, a Loire castle weekend can be a very interesting option to let you children discover the Middle Age culture. You will have the opportunity to visit the castles and their yards, see several exhibitions, enjoy a play and even take pictures wherever you go. For those who want to spend more than a weekend in this region, it is possible to visit cities like Nantes, Ancenis, Saumur or Angers. You can also take your time to make a city tour, walk in the old town and see other historical monuments.

Some tourists also enjoy visiting the vineyards and tasting the local wines and local dishes. In the vineyards, you will also be able to buy some wines that you liked, for you or for your friends who couldn’t join you on this holiday. And of course, you can have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, in order to discover the traditional dishes of the Loire Valley.

Spending a weekend in the Loire Valley without driving

You may enjoy driving the car when you are in your hometown, but most of the tourists prefer to relax and enjoy their holidays without having to drive a car. If you are one of those persons, you can simply choose to travel by train or simply rent some bikes for you and your family. This way, you can ride in the places where you wouldn’t have been able to come by car. You can ride along the banks of the Loire, in the middle of the forest and you can even visit some villages on the way.

The cycle paths in the Loire valley are very secure for you and your children. Most of them are far from the road, which means that you won’t find cars and other vehicles on your way. However, if you decide to ride the bike in the cities during your Loire castle weekend, you can use the cycle lanes. This way, you can discover several unique places during you stay.

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