Egg yolk powder for a healthy skin!

egg yolk

The egg is an important component that is generally seen in many cosmetic products. In order to have healthy skin, the use of the yolk has been recommended for centuries. Great ally for beauty and skin care, the egg yolk powder remains in many ways advantageous.

Egg yolk powder Vs fresh egg yolk

To begin with, it is to be known that egg yolk powder and fresh egg yolk shares the same components. In fact, the egg yolk powder differs from the fresh egg yolk only in terms of water. So, you can use both the same way.

But, as far as shelf life is concerned, it’s evident that egg yolk powder is easier to conserve. Also, if you want to use yolk in your cosmetic rituals, it’s still easier to conserve the product that gathers egg yolk powder.

But if you want to use fresh products, you can take fresh egg yolk. Apart from its freshness, it promotes the same nutrients required for the skin care. But its main disadvantage dwells in the fact that the product cannot be stored for a long period of time.

Main advantages of egg yolk powder for a healthy skin

The use of egg is very common in the cosmetic field. In fact, whole egg and egg yolk endorses an important role in the improvement of the skin texture. It is a rich product that can suit dry or oily skin. As it contains a high rate of fattyacids, egg yolk can lend moisture to the skin. With the albumin that it also gathers, it is excellent to tighten pores and to remove excessive oil.

Egg yolk powder can also be used to cleanse the skin. You just have to know the right ingredients to combine with it. And as it is a natural product, there’s no need to worry about potential reverses even if you tend to use it as regularly as possible.

Besides, if you decide to combine the egg yolk to your skin care ritual, you can easily find easy-to-use egg yolk powder in the market. Any brand can suit your needs, as far as it is edible. And after use, the egg yolk powder can be stored up to two years.

After, another advantage in using egg yolk powder as a component of your mask or lotion for skin is its facility of dosage. As it is a powder, you can weight it so that you can have a precise amount in the mixture that you prepare.

And finally, remember that if you use egg yolk powder, you can mix it to any substance, whether it is liquid, creamy, oily and also powdered. You can also control the amount of water or liquid that you need to give it the consistence required.

Some tips on how to use egg yolk powder for a healthy skin

If you are motivated on using egg yolk powder powder such as egg yolk powder, liquid egg yolk,  you can mix it with lemon juice. This is an excellent mask for closing pores. Many people also use it to clean the skin as the lemon juice plays a great role in depigmentation. Combined to yoghurt, egg yolk powder is also efficient to get a glowing complexion. Besides, to protect dry skin during the winter, egg and honey face mask is highly recommended.

In order to have successive results, make sure to use the product in a regular way. In fact, as the main components are mainly natural, it takes more time to work out and to bring tangible results.

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