Top Recommended Restaurants in Marrakech & Agafay

recommended Restaurants in Marrakech

The cuisine and culinary art are the gastronomic identity that reflects the savoir-vivre of each nation. Moroccan cuisine is no longer to be presented, Pastilla, Tajine or Moroccan Couscous are very popular in every corner of the planet.

Moroccan gastronomy is known for its almost unique flavors, its local ingredients, such as Moroccan spices, Beldi Saffron and Argan oil, which enhance the taste of the dishes and add a chef’s touch to each new recipe.

If you are staying in Marrakech, you will certainly find a wide choice of restaurants that offer the best dishes of the Moroccan gastronomy, and depending on your budget, you can book a restaurant in the downtown, ideally in the old Medina.

You can also choose to have lunch or dinner in a good restaurant in Agafay desert, if ever you want to live a more exceptional culinary experience.

In order to make your holidays in Marrakech unforgettable, we propose in the following article the Best Restaurants in Marrakech Medina and Agafay desert:

The Top Restaurants in the Medina of Marrakech

Among a very large selection of very popular restaurants in the Medina, we recommend:

Restaurant Dar Moha

This Moroccan restaurant has the name of his chef ‘Mr Moha’, a very famous personality in Morocco and the Maestro of several cooking shows, such as the famous competition ‘Master Chef’.

Dar Moha is a Moroccan Restaurant designed for celebrities, great personalities and travellers looking for a subtle and refined Moroccan cuisine with a VIP service.

In this prestigious old residence that belonged to a Pasha of Marrakech, a spectacular selection of Moroccan dishes will be served in a relaxing atmosphere, under the rhythms of Andalusian music.

Restaurant La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe is one of the first gourmet restaurants in Marrakech, a luxury address where you will be invited to taste the real flavours of Morocco.

In this luxurious guest palace that reflects all the elegance of the Moroccan life style, have a comfortable sit in the sumptuous dining room decorated in an impressive oriental style, and let the chefs of La Maison, offer you the best Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes, full of orient perfumes and flavors.

The chicest tables are discreetly installed under the stone arches and olive trees, around a very beautiful garden patio.

The Top Restaurants in Agafay

If you are planning to visit Agafay Desert during your stay in Marrakech, here are two very good restaurants that we highly recommend:

Restaurant Agafay Luxury Camp

The Agafay Luxury Camp will invite you to live a great gastronomic experience in the heart of the fascinating Agafay desert.

Sit under the luxurious nomadic tents installed between the large white dunes, and taste the local cuisine while enjoying amazing panoramic views of Atlas Mountains.

In the evening, the atmosphere is completely different and the restaurant becomes more quite and ideal for a romantic dinner under the starry sky.

Restaurant La Pause Marrakech

For more than 20 years, La Pause Marrakech has been discreetly installed under the palms and olive trees of Agafay Desert, exclusively for travellers who wish to combine both Moroccan Gastronomy and the authenticity of nomadic life.

This gastronomic restaurant serves very good Moroccan dishes in an absolute calm and a very relaxing atmosphere.

This fabulous Restaurant with its several spacious common areas, can be also recommended to celebrate wedding parties, family and business events (traditional animation and exceptional shows are available on request).

If you wish to find out the complete list of our best restaurants in Marrakech, you can visit our website:

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