Why is playing chess online good for you?


Invented in India around 1500 years ago, precisely in the northern parts, chess is more than a simple game. Not only is it a very interesting hobby, but it also teaches us many things in many different ways. With the evolution of technology, playing chess online has become more and more popular. People can play no matter when and no matter where they are but they only need an internet connection. As we should always take care of our brain while we are still alive, playing chess online is the greatest way to make it function better. This is exactly what we are going to deal with.

Increase your intellectual abilities

As said before, playing chess online is an excellent way of training and developing our brain as it involves exercising this muscle. In addition to that, it allows us to improve our memory abilities. In other words, we will be able to memorize something easily as we are supposed to recall chess positions while playing. Apart from that, we will know how to stay concentrated at anything we does playing chess online requires strong attention and concentration.

Moreover, a research by Robert Fergusson has shown that playing chess online improves students ‘Intelligence Quotient scores or IQ scores in a very significant way. He got this result from studying the case of 4000 students from Venezuela. These students have only been playing chess for four months.

One of the most important skills we can get from playing chess online is Problem-solving abilities. Through solving puzzles, we learn how to be more flexible, to be able to face any situations and cope with any challenges in our daily lives. This way, we can easily find ways to solve these issues. We can break down barriers that keep us from moving forward.

Boost your creativity

No matter what your career is, it is important to be a creative thinker in everything you do to succeed in your personal and professional life. Playing chess online can really help you to be so. To begin with, what does Creativity mean? Creativity is just the ability to create. You are creative when you are able to think out of the box. Someone creative often has new ideas and solutions.

Online chess players are also curious. They are able to seize opportunities in life and do not stop searching for them until they find. The more you have creativity in every aspect of your personal life and your career, the more opportunities keep coming along your way.

When you are creative, you will be able to see things in a positive way. Optimism is very crucial in life. Playing chess online is a great way to learn how to be persistent, to trust yourself and have the courage to work hard in order to achieve your goals.

Playing chess online is also an opportunity to make new friends as you have with you other players. It also helps you much in participating in a tournament.

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