Using natural products to take care of your hair

take care of your hair

Hair is an incarnation of beauty. It connects the head and the entire beauty with the outside, the universe. Defined as antennae, hairs hold energy and make it flow in and outside the head and the body.  The hair cosmetics have known a huge increase since centuries. Now, you can easily find various products for hair care. And the bio rituals are the brand new lifestyle.

 Shampoo and hair soap

In order to keep your hair healthy, you definitely should wash it. Tidy hair is quicker to grow and if you aim at having a long hair, selecting the right products for your hair wash is the first thing you should focus on.

For that, you need to know what the type of your hair is. Generally, there are greasy hair, normal hair and dry hair. Normally, your hair should fit with one of these categories. Once you know that crucial information, you can choose the brand you are familiar to.

Apart from the chemical shampoos and hair soap, you can adopt some products that tend to focus more on the biological components. Apart from the fact that these are environmental safe products, they are also efficient and less expensive.

Among the most famous bio shampoo, you can find those who are made mainly from olive oil, eggs such as egg yolk powder, karate butter and aloe vera. Otherwise, notice that you can also make yourself a home-made shampoo or hair soap. In the net, especially in some blogs and channels, you can find out many tutorials that will explain you how to make these.

Hydration product

After, the hydration is also an important ritual of hair care. The thing is that the hair is highly exposed with the environment that surrounds us. Outside, it is in direct contact with the sun, the winds, the heat and the freeze. Inside, it also receives the irritation from the home heating or the blowing of the fan. For all these reasons, it’s better to regularly hydrate the hair.

For that, you can also easily find products appropriate to every hair category. The propositions are large and you are free to choose the products that fit to your needs. But if you feel like you want to use a natural product, that shouldn’t be difficult to find some.

Focusing on the fact that you can compose your own product at home, there are specific shops that sell raw materials dedicated for the home made cosmetics. As far as hydration product is concerned, Aloe Vera is the number one ingredient.

Due to its great virtue in hydration, it is highly recommended to take is as the basis of your product. And according to the nature and the use of the product you want to make, whether it will be for an oil bath before wash or for a leave-in, you can add up some hydrating oils such as coconut oil or olive oil to your mixture.

Masks and leave-in

And finally, you should end up your hair care ritual by using some masks or some leave-in. The objective of these products is also to keep you hair hydrated. The difference between the mask and the leave-in is that this first should be rinsed after a few minutes application in the hair.

But the leave-in can be kept in the hair without rinsing. If you are curly, it will help the curl stay tight for days, until you wash the hair. And like the other hair products, masks and leave-in are also abundant in the market. If you want to invest on a natural product, cider vinegar, citrus or purees of granule chia are efficient for both masks and leave-in.

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