Is your dog normal ?


The behaviour of a dog depends on its ages, type or breed and past experience. The sense of normal and healthy behavior remains individual. But in general, the majority of dogs enjoy playing with other dogs or other animals. They also like the company of their masters and are playful with toys. Once you notice a change in its behavior, you should take its health and welfare into account because the changes suggest that everything is no more OK.

Create your dog’s normal behavior

In order to stabilize your dog’s behavior, invent some activities for it in order to prevent the boredom and the stress. This is the main investment you have to make for it in order to give it its basic Animal Welfare.

For that, make sure to let it have easy access to its toys and objects of play even if you cannot supervise it. It should also be able to rest in calm at its own place whenever it wants to. Make sure it can rest without any constraints and remember that older animals and puppies need more rest.

After, you should also familiarize your dog with a regular activity such as walk and outside plays. It is there that you will notice more its behavior. So, if a change emerges, you will be aware of it easier and you can take it to the veterinarian in order to cope with the issue.

Otherwise, in order to get a normal and well-raised dog, you should invest on its early education and training. The habits should be implemented from a very young age. In order to get the better from the training, use positive reward and never lie on the harsh and painful methods.

The basic needs of dogs

In case you have forgotten, you should be aware of the fact that once you decide to adopt a puppy, there are some basic needs that you need to follow for it. It’s before all a huge responsibility that you should endows and honor.

Among the elementary needs, there are the convenient environments, a normal diet, and a suitable way of life and of behaving. Your dog should also be able to interact with other animals and you should give it a protection from pain, disease, injury or suffering.

Providing it these major needs will help it live during its 13 years supposed lifetime. If your dog’s home meet these basic needs, it can give you back more joy and happiness.

The exercise, a real institution

For a sane lifestyle, the dog regularly needs to do some exercises. These last includes the walk and the run. But you should supervise it well, especially if you get it into the public places such as forests, nature reserves, country parks or parks and green spaces.

In principles, the frequency and amount of your dog’s exercises depend on the its health, age and breed. This is an important point you should take into account while choosing the puppy. Some breed requires intense exercises every day.

Otherwise, if your dog happens to foul in some public place, it’s your responsibility to clean its mess. For every outside walk, don’t forget to bring a poop scoop which is a kind of plastic shovel. Carry also a bag so that you hand will remain clean while carrying the mess to a bin.

If you fail to that rule and don’t clean the mess of your dog, you may be punished and will be obliged to pay a fine. In some countries such as North Ireland, if you fail to pay the fine, you can be held in court for allowing dog fouling.

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