Travel in Bahamas

Is this your first time visiting the Bahamas, so you are in desperate need for some travel tips? The Bahamas are 700+ beautiful islands, located in the Caribbean. Below are some tips to help you experience your first travel to the Bahamas, the right way!

Tip #1: Be Sure to Leave All Your Fears at Home

This Caribbean holiday will be a time of taking risks. There will not be time for you to have any sort of fear, to live all sorts of adventures. The very first activity that you should dive into is, exploring Atlantis, which is a lost sea, containing 250 marine species and 50,000 other aquatic animals. These animals include eels, sharks, manta rays, jellyfish, and other sea creatures of the sea. Not only will you get to observe them, you will also get to swim with them as you snorkel.

Going on high speed powerboat adventures, feeding all sorts of animals such as sharks and iguanas, surfing, and going on informative safaris, you will surely prove that you are a risk taker.

Tip #2: Book a Holiday Rental

Even though you want to leave all your fears at home during this trip, you will surely want to feel like you are at home, especially since it will be your first time to the Bahamas. By booking vacation rentals, you will have access to a bigger and more private space. You will also feel like your holiday rental is your own residence. But essentially, you will avoid all sorts of busyness and live in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tip #3: Be Willing to Try Local Cuisine

To experience a real Bahamas Trip, you will have to wake up those taste buds and relish the variety of specialties that they have to offer. Bahamian cuisine entails seafood comprising of conch, fish, lobster, crab, as well as other kinds of food like pigeon peas, tropical fruits, and potatoes. Conch salad, johnnycakes, and pigeon peas with rice, are all dishes that you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Tip #4: Brighten a Bahamian’s Day

Bahamians are very friendly and open people and they would love to show you around their beautiful islands. You can brighten their day by learning a few Bahamian creole words, to make conversation with them. Here are some ways you can start conversing:

What’s up? = What da wybe is?
Nothing much = Een nothin’
Thanks = Tanks
You’re kidding = Well mudda sick

Tip #5: Bring Your Party Hat!

Year-round, there are many fun events that take place in the Bahamas that will definitely entertain you. Since it is always warm and tropical, most of these events take place outdoors. The Junkanoo Summer Festival and the Junkanoo Street Carnival are both events that highlight Bahamian culture and heritage. During these events, there will be a parade, some dancing, eating, drinking, and many memorable experiences.

Are you a music lover and own a smartphone? Would you like to learn to sing or to play an instrument? Today, Vincent Martet invites you to discover some mobile applications to help you in your learning.

Second biggest airport in France, Nice Cote d’Azur airport is the main airport on the French Riviera. It is not far from downtown, at the east end of the Promenade des Anglais, which allows easy access to the heart of the city. Upon arrival, a team will offer a personalized service to complete the customs and immigration formalities and your luggage retrieval. This being done, you just have to choose the means of transport that you want to quickly reach the city center.

Nice bus lines

Ligne d’Azur offers two extensive bus networks: lines 98 and 99 that take you to the city’s must-see places and its neighborhood. Line 98 leaves the airport Terminal 2, stops at Terminal 1 to pick-up passengers, runs along the Promenade des Anglais, passes Place Garibaldi, Vieux-Nice and ends at Nice-Riquier train station. Similarly, the line 99 leaves Thiers station, passes the Promenade and Nice’s main thoroughfares before heading to Gambetta Boulevard, next to the station.

Nice railway network

The city has three railway stations, namely Nice-Riquier (East), Thiers (Center) and Saint-Augustin (West). If you come to Nice for the first time, it might be quite difficult for you to reach these stations. To avoid being lost, it is advisable to take the airport shuttle that will drive you to Arénas stop.

Nice taxi fleet

Taxis should be awaiting newcomers in front of both terminals. To ensure you a pleasant ride, high-end German models and brands like Mercedes, Audi… are available.

Before leaving the terminal, you may need to change or withdraw money for the taxi fare. The ATMs and currency exchange offices located inside the terminals will be of great help. Some companies even accept booking for Nice airport transfer without charging additional fee.

If you want to reach Monaco in only a few minutes, you may be interested in a private helicopter taxi service. An experienced pilot will make your flight from Nice airport to Monaco an unforgettable moment.

Nice car rental services

For maximum comfort and freedom, the best option is to rent a car with a private driver, you have a wide selection of rental companies. This will enable you to discover the greatest sights in the area at your own pace.

For your safety, two key points have to be checked: the professionalism of the provider and the condition of the car.

About 900 film shootings take place in Paris every year.

To satisfy movie lovers, travel guides have chosen the cinema as the theme for some of their best tours.

Be the star on the City of Light greatest movie sets

Blockbuster films like Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain or Da Vinci Code attract visitors on the most famous film locations in Paris.

For those who have watched the latest Mission Impossible: Fallout with Tom Cruise, 15 sets in the very heart of Paris are featured, for example the Trocadero esplanade, the Grand Palais, the Bercy heliport, the Palais-Royal gardens…

Montmartre, a widely renowned shooting set in Paris

Lise Pires, who has in-depth knowledge on the topic, being both a guide and an extra, organizes weekly guided tours in Paris on the theme of cinema. Among all famous film shoots locations in the city, Montmartre is her favorite.

Interest for these walks has been renewed by the reputation of Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. Families, movie lovers, artists, tourists … come to explore Paris in an original way.

Some great classic French movies include scenes that have been shot in Montmartre. Among others, let’s name La grande vadrouille (1966), Mesrine (1984), L’auberge espagnole (2001), La Môme (2007), or Dalida (2017).

During a visit in Montmartre, the Paris tour private guide will make a stop to allow participants see some memorable filming sets like the grocery store Maison Collignon, which appears in Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain.

For other professionals like Patricia Firriolo, director of France Tourisme, a Paris travel planner, the film Da Vinci Code was so successful that it generated great enthusiasm for guided tours about cinema.

Number of movie lovers, especially coming from the US and Asia, suddenly showed increased interest for a visit of the Louvre Museum.

Progressively, the tours’ route have included other districts to adapt to new films. From September to June, a minimum of six visits are organized every week to allow visitors join at their convenience.

Luc Besson’s Cité du Cinéma, incredible shooting complex located in the northern Paris suburbs, is also in very high demand among visitors.

This tour operator makes visitors experience something fantastic by allowing them to be actors for few hours.

One thing is certain: The City of Light’s natural settings make it the perfect choice for French and foreign film makers.

According to France’s lovers, the City of Light is one of the best place romantic places in the whole world. Paris has so much to offer to its visitors : architectural  and art treasures to discover, many places for slowly wandering hand in hand, the barges on the Seine, numerous restaurants for having great meals, boutiques for shopping… But enjoying your honeymoon in Paris requires serious preparation.

First: choose the right time to go

Paris is a cosmopolite, active and changing town over the months. Every season brings its own local or international events (fashion, culture and art, sports, etc.). Those moments bring the City of light to life; especially in the areas they take place. If you want to take part, you can choose to come at the time they are planned, but you will have to book your hotel rooms very early. If you want some calm and intimacy, avoid their dates.

Find a hotel

As a touristic town, Paris offers wide range of accommodation establishment. Well known named or charming, friendly and comfortable hotels, classic or ultra-modern, you will be able to find the one that best fit your needs and your budget. However, you have to know that Paris hotels are quite expensive, but the services and the places are really worth it. And book early if you plan to come on the high tourist seasons.

Choose and plan your activities

For a couple, it will not be so easy to be bored in Paris. There is a lot to see and a lot to do, and so many ways to have romantic or fun moments. To have an idea of what you can do, you can learn a bit about the city and what it proposes to newlyweds; some movies and internet guides can be very useful to do so.

But you also already may have your own idea: wandering in parks, flyboats or barge ride on the Seine and romantic diner on evenings, climbing the Tour Eiffel, shopping on Les Champs-Élysées, visiting palaces and museums, having fun in theme parks, etc. Some activities however need early booking as visits of the Versailles or the Louvre Museum, diner at well-known places or restaurants, cruises on the Seine.

If you do not plan to rent a car during your stay, Paris has one of the well managed bus and metro network. Those means of transport are cheap and will ease your city outings. Furthermore, all the famous places of the town are served by bus and metro lines.

brussels airport

The Red Devils’ championship hopes has unfortunately come to an end for this year’s FIFA World Cup and the fact that they actually made it all the way to the semi-finals should be a good enough reason to ask yourself, what is Belgium like? In a few words, Belgium isn’t as glamorous as many other European countries, but is also as exciting and beautiful as you’ll find yourself gobbling down waffles and chocolate as soon as you make your way to the capital, Brussels.

low calories dishes chicken breasts

Dietary meals with light chicken will allow you to have a less monotonous and tastier diet. Before you start, I recommend that you use the part of the breast to prepare your chicken recipes, as it has a very low fat content.

Suriname discover diversity country

Suriname is a South American country bordered by Brazil, Guyana and French Guyana, its coasts touch the Caribbean Sea and its capital, Paramaribo, was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its colonial style. It’s not the most touristy country in South America, but we can give you eight reasons to visit it. Want to hear them?

filled rolls

Why settle for a ham sandwich if you can enjoy these irresistible filled rolls?

get to Montenegro

We have several options to travel to Montenegro, and although the tourist opening to the rest of the world has facilitated the task, it is still difficult to get there from Spain. There are two airports in the country, Podgorica and Tivat, with international flights.

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